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Loft Conversion? If not, here’s how to keep your loft warm in winter

7th December 2018

With winter well and truly upon us, everybody’s starting to feel the chill, and the last place you want to feel cold is at home. If you have a well-insulated loft conversion, you needn’t worry about that, but for a bit of extra warmth, here are some handy tips.

Double Glazed Windows

The best way to keep your loft at the perfect temperature all year round is to opt for double glazed windows. Up to 70% of heat can be lost through single-paned windows, which is why at Aztech, we’ll fit only the best quality windows in your loft conversion.

Carpet Your Loft Conversion

Nobody likes stepping foot on a cold, hard floor on a winter’s day, so, like any other room, treat your loft conversion to a warmly toned carpet. Not only will it retain warm air for longer and feel better on your feet, it will also create a cosier atmosphere in the room.

Move Your Furniture

If your furniture is in front of your radiator, you might want to move it. By positioning it this way, you’re restricting the heat from circulating freely, so, get the most out of your heat source and pop your sofa somewhere else!

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