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How convert a loft (sceptic)

12th February 2019

Let’s face it – it can be hard to agree what to do with your property. One of you wants to work on the garden but the other’s all about the decor; one of you’s a mattress fanatic while the other’s obsessed with the floor. And so, when you finally realise a loft conversion is what your home’s been waiting for, you may be confronted with that most formidable of opponents – a loft sceptic.

In what follows, we provide you with a guide on how to convert a loft (sceptic) and get them to see what a loft could mean.


Know your figures

First things first – be clear exactly why it is you want a loft. Is it the money? Housing Market research suggests a loft conversion can increase a house’s value by 20%; Nationwide estimate you could add £37,000. Add to that money saved on heating and the relative cheapness of the added space, and it’s hard not to agree.

Or is it all the things you can do? Building a games room, a workout space, an extra bedroom for guests? Is it the extra light source? Having a room with a view? Make sure you have a clear set of arguments – if you’re going to convince anyone, you first need to convince yourself!

Know your audience

Every person is different – some will be won over by the financial incentives, while others want to hear how you could use the space. The key is to know what will appeal to your sceptic, what will make them see things the way you do. Maybe your wife has friends who could stay in a loft-converted bedroom; maybe your husband could use the space to finally get fit!

Get close ones on side

Once you’ve got your arguments in line, and you know how best to deploy them, you should be set. But a loft sceptic can be hard to convince, and you may need to enlist a slightly sneakier tactic. If you’ve got kids, sell them on the idea first, and see if your partner has it in them to resist the puppy dog eyes; if you’ve got neighbours, get them to make waves about converting their loft, and your see if your partner doesn’t suddenly want to get there first!

Once you’ve converted your sceptic, all that’s left to do is get in touch and bring your newly agreed vision to life!