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4 Ways to Transform Your Loft 

7th November 2018

Whether it’s a room for you to enjoy, or an area for the kids to run riot – there are many ways a loft can be transformed. So, if you’re thinking of revamping your home, here are a few ideas you might want to try.

Spare Room

Converting your loft into another room is not only a great way to boost the amount of space in your home, but to boost the value, too! Over time, the size of your family can increase, and friends may want to visit. Well, what nicer way to welcome them than with a luxury spare room (instead of the sofa or air bed).

Kids Play Area

Who doesn’t love seeing the kids play? We all do – but sometimes, all that noise can get a bit too much. By transforming your loft into a play area, you’re not only providing them with a fun area to make a mess in, you’re giving yourself five minutes of quiet time, so you can cook their tea in peace!

Reading Room

There’s nothing quite like settling down after a long day or week to relax with a good book. Imagine having a space which allows you to do so with no noise, great lighting and a scenic view of the outdoors.

Games Room

Ever dreamt of having people round to enjoy a spot of pool or darts, but you just don’t have the room? Why not transform your loft into the games room you’ve always wanted! Add a few chairs, a pool table (and maybe even a bar) and bring your vision to life.

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